Tiger Woods may be served with a Paternity DNA Test

Devon James, a former porn star, escort and girlfriend of Tiger Woods demands the world famous golfer take a paternity DNA test to prove that he is the father of her child. James’ child is of a typical African-American skin colour and she says that even this is enough to establish the paternity of the child: Woods is the only African-American she has ever had sex with.

Woods is a known philander and has been involved in numerous cases of infidelity. It is rumoured that James is in fact Wood’s 14th mistress. James has pursued her claim for a legal paternity test under her real name Melinda Jannette. Her son is 9 years of age and she has even given him the middle name Tiger, which she says is a tribute to his alleged father.

If Woods proved to be the biological father of the child after carrying out the paternity test, James plans to claim the following:

  • Parental responsibility
  • Time sharing
  • Child support

James’ mother, who has custody of the child, Austin T. James, has discounted her daughter’s claims, saying it is impossible that Tiger Woods is Austin’s father. Apparently, a paternity test was already carried out in 2002 and had already established the identity of the child’s father. James says she does not remotely believe her mother has any information regarding the child’s paternity and rebuffs a paternity test having ever established a father. Other sources have commented that this paternity test was in fact carried out and disproves Tiger as the father. James was 19 at the time she had the affair with Woods and was attending a Christian school.

James wants the judge to issue a court ordered paternity test and have the child’s father play a role in his life. The golfer’s assets are enormous, some estimates say around 500 million $. As happens in all cases involving wealthy men, people wonder whether the mother is after the money. Groups advocating the rights of men have coined the term ‘paternity fraud’ to describe those cases where a woman names a man as the biological father knowing very well that he isn’t or that there is a chance he is not.

Paternity DNA testing (test de paternitate) can easily be carried out by rubbing a simple mouth swab inside the mouth. Cells easily detach from the cheeks with the friction caused by the rubbing motion within the mouth. These cells contain the necessary DNA to complete the paternity test. Paternity testing is accurate and reliable and can exclude a father with 100% probability and include him as the biological father with a probability of 99.99%.

Having a world famous person like Tiger Woods in the headlines with a woman demanding a paternity DNA test is nothing new. Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy and Keanu Reeves are amongst other big names who have been involved in paternity disputes.