The DNA Kits – What is a kit composed of? How do I use it?

What are DNA kits? How are they used? How do I get one? The answers to all these questions are really simple and straightforward. But we shall begin by tackling things a step at a time. Paternity testing, infidelity testing and a whole range of relationship DNA tests have become such a big market that it is worth taking a few minutes to explain more about the DNA sample collection kit.

Baby Gender Prediction Testing Kit

Depending on the type of test the kit will differ. A paternity test is carried out by means of oral swabs as you will learn further on in this article. However, if you are doing a gender prediction test, then you will need to provide a different sample and the kit will be organised in such as was as to enable the collection of the DNA sample required. If you are doing a gender prediction test with urine, then you will be provided with a urine collection cup in the kit and a special urine preservant. If you are doing a baby DNA test with blood, the kit supplied will contain what are known as blood lancets which you will need to prick the tip of your finger. You will also be provided with a special type of paper to collect some drops of blood.

HIV home testing kits

HIV can today be diagnosed using a home HIV kit. The kit is provided in pharmacies in India and is a home test. The kit contains all that is required to collect the sample at home and best of all it does not require analysis in a laboratory.

If results show the person is HIV positive, they will need to carry out further testing to confirm that they are in fact, HIV positive. The home test is extremely accurate but there is a chance of false positives and it is important thus, not to panic following positive results from a home test. Some companies offer the test with samples collected via oral swabs whilst others are offering the test via a sterile finger lancet. A false negative result is also possible with home HIV testing kits – this can happen is the person takes the test and 3 months have not passed since they contracted the virus. Get more information about HIV testing home kits.

What are “swabs”- The DNA kit

Swabs are like cotton buds- at least the first thing that will come to mind when you like at them is the cotton buds you use to clean your ears. They are however, a bit different. First, they have a longer stick- this is because the swabs need to reach inside the mouth. The swab has just cotton on one end. The DNA collection kit will contain enough swabs for all the people being tested.

Sometimes you can buy these swabs from a pharmacy; the swabs can be referred to as:

  • Oral swabs
  • Buccal swabs
  • Mouth swabs

All three refer to the same thing.

The at home kit- how do I use the swabs?

The swabs provided are very simple to use. All you have to do is take them out of the DNA kits and rub them inside the mouth. Each person will have his or her own swabs and swabs cannot be mixed up or used on different people. When we rub swabs inside our mouth the cells that cover by the millions the surface of our mouth are taken away by the rubbing action of the swab; they are not only rubbed away but also stick to it.

The home DNA testing kit is sent to you house, work place or wherever you feel it to be more convenient. The DNA collection kit is send after you have settled payment. Sometimes you can agree on a deposit and not pay the full price; this way you can just receive the kit and send your samples to the lab. You will need to settle the rest of the cost at a later stage.

The DNA kits are used for what type of tests?

Most DNA testing can be done with the sample collection kit mentioned in this article. The testing includes the whole range of paternity tests, for example X chromosome test, Y chromosome test, sibling DNA testing and even paternity testing.

The DNA kit is easy to use and you will meet not issues. You will find everything along with instructions to make sure you do everything correctly.