EasyDNA Australia is now on Facebook

EasyDNA India has recently launched its Facebook page as a means of getting closer to its existing clients and its future customers. FB is a great means of keeping communication lines open and virtually interacting with our current and future clients. Feel free to visit our page, leave a comment and click on the like button.
EasyDNA India regularly posts on its wall with local news and is a great source of information on the topic of DNA tests and genetics.

About EasyDNA India

EasyDNA IN is a well established DNA testing company in the country with offices in both Queensland and New South Wales. The company specializes in paternity testing for both legal and peace of mind purposes as well as paternity testing for immigration. The most recent tests launched include the non invasive prenatal paternity test which is done with just maternal blood samples. This test is 99.9% accurate and done using just maternal blood samples and DNA samples from the alleged father. We also have our baby gender test which just requires maternal urine and is 99% accurate.

Besides our paternity tests, we have a whole range of other relationship DNA tests including the Y chromosome test, X chromosome test and sibling tests. These tests can often be done in the place of a paternity test when the alleged father is not available for the test. Our Facebook wall will provide you with more information about our tests and what we do at EasyDNA India. Our Facebook page is regularly updated with the latest info about us, the websites we like and any local news about DNA testing that might interest you. If you have any questions about a DNA test then why not leave it on our wall?